Furniture and Architectural Metals

Before You Reach Out

1. If you would like us to make something that already exists (mass manufactured) but you cannot afford to purchase it, please trust you cannot afford for it to be hand-made just for you.

2. If you would like us to "knock off" something that is under trademark, copyright, or requires the payment of royalties to make, we would like to decline.  If you want something similar or that shares some of the same design moments, we are happy to take a look.

3. One of the first questions we will ask you is "what is your budget". This is not a trick -we practice value pricing- it is our way of telling that you have thought about what you are asking for or if we will need to tailor down your design to meet your budget.  It is a needed shortcut.

4.  We do our best to answer every email and phone call about new work. We have a 100% bid policy.  If you send it to us, we will take the time to bid it out.  This is time consuming, please do not abuse our free labor.  

For professionals: If you need a quick ballpark number to get an idea of a project cost, please just ask.  We will give you a range to work with.  Later when you are actually in the process of comparing bids, please reach back out and we will get you a proper quote. 

For homeowners: Please take the time to figure out your budget [see #1 & #3]

For Students: We love and support your mission to bring new things into the world.  Reach out with your project and budget, we can figure out how best to bring your objects into fruition together. We do not donate our time, but we can offer you something discounted that you may need to either apply the "final finish" to or assemble to stay in your budget.