Furniture and Architectural Metals



  • The Cost of it all.

We think there is nothing better than a hand-made object and we always welcome any project large or small that comes our way. We have put together this little primer on how we charge for our work to help you understand the cost of getting something made just for you.

We practice value pricing and do not involve ourselves with perceived pricing or to be more direct: We do not price our objects by what the market will bear. This is a great source of pride for us.  Honesty and fairness in our business dealings is part of our driving mission.

We use math to come up with our pricing.

The formula is:

Material costs + markup + Shop rate x’s how long it takes us to make + cost of finish = the cost + shipping/delivery


Material costs: It is what it is.  

Mark ups: You will never see this number on any paperwork you receive.  It is included in the “materials” cost already.  The mark-up covers: taxes, shipping costs, fees that are passed on to us (like a gas surcharge from a glass vendor), and labor to unload the materials. The standard is 50%, we charge much less- using the actual estimated additional costs. 

Our Shop Rate: This rate has been calculated using a very intense program we wrote for ourselves. The rate includes all of our overhead: electricity, phones, payments for equipment, employees pay, gas, consumables, insurances… basically everything it takes to keep the lights on and people working.  

Currently our rate is 98.00 and hour in the studio and 122.00 an hour on site. These numbers change from time to time as our overhead goes up.  This change, when it happens will never effect a proposal that is out for approval for less than 90 days.

Cost of Finishes:

A finish can take a very affordable table to a completely insane cost. There are a ton of options in all material types. If you have a budget you need to stay inside of ...this is the place where you are going to need to compromise.  No finishes are “real quick” unless you literally want something that has not been touched past the actual fabrication of the object.  “RAW” is still a finish that requires labor albeit, on the lower end of things.  When choosing a finish, the balancing act lies in the cost of the actual finish materials and the labor to put the finish on the object.


We pass the cost, whatever it might be, onto our clients as minimally as possible. We appreciate the work and are happy to get you your items the easiest and most cost-efficient way possible. Sometimes this means one of the workers hops in a truck and drives 8 hours or we build a crate and use a freight company. If possible we include this on the original proposal.