Furniture and Architectural Metals

Our Story

Born on a Fort Green rooftop in 2010, Alchemy and Co. came into the world with the vision of producing heirloom quality goods in the most environmentally responsible way possible.  Our original team, comprised of a handful of artists and craftsperson’s working together in borrowed spaces, back yards, and –yes- rooftops; all in the belief that with enough talent, vision, and dedication ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Now as we enter our 8th year; we operate in 3 studios, employ thirty craftsperson’s and host a rolodex of talent whom we playfully call “Assassins”.  These hired guns are as essential to our work as our full-time employees.  Each of them- full of talent and dedication to their craft- allow us to take on more complex and artistic projects than we could do alone. Working together with the absolute best talent available in the world; we have crafted and installed projects in 8 countries, 17 states all while pushing each other to expand our individual skill sets beyond what we could have imagined.

Together we are truly more than the sum of our parts.

On a more personal note:

Alchemy and Co. would be nothing without the dedication of our original team, some of whom have moved on: Logan Irizarry, Jackson Barry, David Rhodes, CK Nelson…. And even less without the help of Jael Humphrey, Amanda Scioscia, Lindsey Lovel, and Robert Laterza. All whom bent an ear, helped with strategy as we grew, and picked us up when we were feeling down. Thank you all, you are truly amazing.