Furniture and Architectural Metals

What We Make

What we make...

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Alchemy + Co is a provider of premium architectural metals, specializing in handcrafted custom metalwork.  We are capable of realizing almost any project in-house between our two fully functioning metal studios and single woodworking studio.

We provide the following services:

·      Blacksmithing

·      Welding: Steel, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum

·      Machining

·      Casting

·      Laser and water jet cutting

·      Patination and other specialized finishes

·      Design and engineering

·      Restoration

·      Artistic Fold forming

·      Lighting fabrication

       Fabrication of wooden tabletops & components

For our international clients we also provide the following services:

·      Attaining visa documents for foreign installations

·      Customs documents

·     Crating & Freight forwarding